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Historically, carbon has been known to be a good discoloring agent and mainly was used to produce white sugar and purification of water. These properties enabled ancient people to produce powders that worked well in removing the enamels stains on the teeth, making them clean and white. It is to this that these purification properties of charcoal have been adopted by the health and beauty industries in manufacturing of toothpaste, soaps, face cleansers, and face masks. Today charcoal toothpaste and powders are greatly used in brushing and washing mouth. Why? Because the chemically manufactured toothpaste is causing wearing of the enamel, causing sensitivity to teeth and increased risk of cavity-causing bacteria. Everyone wants to have white, shiny teeth and mouth that are free of bad smell. Moreover, all these can be achieved by using a certified toothpaste or mouth wash that is friendly on your teeth. One particular toothpaste will achieve these properties. Hello, activated charcoal toothpaste is among the best charcoal toothpaste. Though other kinds of toothpaste are made from charcoal, this one stands out to provide exceptional among users. Those who have used this toothpaste will agree with me that just one round of brushing your teeth will leave you not only surprised but also amazed at the same time. The hello activated toothpaste comes in three various forms, that is toothpaste, mouthwash and Skids’ toothpaste. The kids’ toothpaste is very amazing because it comes with a watermelon taste, fantastic right? Your kids will be encouraged to wash their mouths and brush their teeth. This keeps their teeth healthy and strong. Many users of this toothpaste have instantly fallen in love with it. Everyone has been waiting for that one toothpaste that will take all their teeth problems away. The toothpaste is natural no nasty chemicals that will later have effects on teeth. Unlike other kinds of toothpaste, this one is chloride-free with mint taste and coconut oil. Well, this has arguably the good news that many people have been waiting for. Some people have very sensitive teeth that can't be brushed with chemically produced toothpaste, well that toothpaste you will love it. No side effects. It will leave your teeth clean. This toothpaste is an award-winning paste, so this can show how good it is. The makers of this toothpaste have just come up with the most incredible ingredients. It contains coconut oil. Well, coconut is has a soothing and moisturizing effect. So the toothpaste soothes your mouth leaving it well moisturized. However, coconut oil has other advantages in this toothpaste apart from the named two. Coconut can attract bacteria when you brush the teeth, the bacteria are attracted, and you remove them when you spit them out. That is ingenious right? Bacteria are gone, easy-pizza. Also, the coconut oil is a natural source of glycerin, which has some pleasant sensation that you always get when you brush your teeth using this toothpaste. The hello activated toothpaste is made of charcoal as an essential ingredient. The charcoal is made from sustainable bamboo, which is a natural whitener and detoxifier — the process of making the charcoal powder only and adequately best for brushing teeth. Well, when talking of charcoal, you must wonder how it cleans teeth, and yet it is black. You must be wondering how will black make your teeth white, well the charcoal will get messy in your mouth, but when you upon rinsing, your teeth are left brighter and cleaner than before. Hello activated toothpaste has a mint additive for freshness. Moreover, the mint is crafted from naturally sourced ingredients. To which mint will always give that minty fresh sensation after you have brushed your teeth. Am sure you can relate to this feeling so get yourself a hello toothpaste, and you will want to leave your mouth open. Additionally, this toothpaste also contains aloe vera. Now how did aloe Vera come from the skin to teeth? I will tell you this; your teeth can form tan lines right. Bearing that tan lines are very hard to be removed from the teeth, but with aloe Vera, everything has been simplified. Aloe Vera is loaded with vitamin A, C, and D, which are which contain antioxidant properties that help in healing. Aloe Vera also contains anti-inflammatory properties, and this works well with those who have receding gums. However, most importantly, Aloe Vera is useful in fighting bacteria. Moreover, the toothpaste has calcium. Calcium is an essential nutrient for our bones and teeth. The toothpaste provides calcium and phosphate that strengthens the enamel. This is why our teeth will always stay white and be healthy. The cases of gum bleeding are reduced. The toothpaste has other essential properties like silica, which is among the best-known stain remover. Erythritol which is derived from Fermented corns. It prevents cavity-causing bacteria from sticking to our teeth. Last but not least, the activated charcoal keeps and maintain the PH of the mouth. Bacteria dwell well in certain PH, but with this toothpaste, the bacteria cannot survive. When using the Hello toothpaste, as mentioned earlier, it is black in your mouth, so this means you have to carefully brush your teeth so as not to dirty your bright colored clothes or even the sink. So you should spit carefully and wash the sink after brushing your teeth. Kids don't get in trouble with your mum for leaving the sink dirty. Those with susceptible teeth, please use the Hello powder, which is very gentle due to finer ground charcoal that will not be harsh on your teeth, and with a combination of the named ingredients, your teeth will not be sensitive. Well, now you know what toothpaste is good and friendly for your teeth. With the charcoal toothpaste, you will never regret it. No one wants their teeth to be colored, no one wants bad breath, and most importantly, everyone wants a million-dollar smile. You can achieve this easily and keep your children's and family in general away from weak toothpaste so that they can have healthy teeth.

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